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For Individuals that want set up a farm and want a consultancy services

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For companies that need to increase their source of revenue and need help setting up a rabbit farm

Cost To Start A Rabbit Farm in Nigeria

How we help

Rabbit farming in Nigeria is gaining momentum but many no proper knowledge on how to start. That gap is what AgHub is filling, we teach maintenance of rabbit farm, marketing and provide guides for starters.

“... The professionalism of AgHub Farm is absolutely fantastic. Many thanks for a great service!...”


Olawale James

AgHub Farm

How are we different?

  • Customer Support

Our Customers Support representatives are top-notch, and always available to hear your complaints.

  • Practical Experience

The team at are not paper farmers that sit-in office predicting returns on Investment, with 3 years of experience as a rabbit farmer I can tell you that you can get all you need to know from here.

  • Core strength

Here on any rabbit meat in whatever form you buy from us, you can rest assured that they are in a good state.

Benefits of Rabbit Meat

Farming made easy for everyone

Are you interested in starting a farming business of your own? We are here to give you free consultation on how you can start with as low as #10,000