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Where To Sell Rabbit In Nigeria

That information marketer told you to invest your money into rabbit farming, from the blog post you read, rabbit farming was listed as a promising one. Yes, it is promising for those who know their onions.

Do you know what they fail to tell you?

Where to sell your rabbit in Nigeria!

I can relate with the stress you pass through because it is what I have faced at one point and I can imagine the financial resources you have invested to keep the pen running. But what is the essence of having a rabbit pen of 100 rabbits without a market to sell it to?

Although, rabbit farming is yet to gain momentum like its counterpart; snail farming, pig farming, and poultry, that does not mean there is no market or no buyers.

  • How are they going to be reached?
  • What social media platform are they using?
  • Will they buy it when I advertise to them?

Where to sell your rabbit in Nigeria in this article is classified as an offline and online method. The local market is still green but you can still get customers online when you are not only doing but also doing it right. Now let’s explain offline and online methods of selling rabbits. Check out How Agribusiness owners can leverage on Facebook.

Can I Sell My Rabbits In The Physical World?

Yes! Offline method is the common approach to the selling of rabbits in Nigeria before the use of the internet and smartphones becomes the order of the day.  We have different methods through which rabbits can sell to people online. One of the methods through which a rabbit farmer can sell his/her rabbit is organizing seminars; when a seminar is organized and the attendant sees that the farmer knows what he does. They can decide to buy rabbits to start their own farm, this approach is not a reliable one but can work in some cases. It can work effectively for a farmer that many look up to or see as an influencer.

Another method of selling rabbits in Nigeria is through display advertisement, then in the year 2015. All we did was to get a cage, placed it at the roadside then put our rabbits in the cage with pellets that can last for the day. 

We used this method we used( big brother and I) and I can say that it worked perfectly as we were to get buyers, and the majority of them were students that at the end of the day refer their friends. Word of mouth can be given a trial, this method needs you to have deep knowledge of rabbit farming. They will want to know more before they buy it. So you must be ready to open their eyes to the benefits and potentials of rabbit farming in Nigeria.

Selling Rabbit Online

The market for agricultural produce is not limited to the physical world alone. In my previous, I discussed at length the importance of digital marketing for agribusiness owners, the gold that is being left unmined and what effective use of the internet for the marketing of their product will contribute to their business.  With proper use of various digital marketing strategies, you can get to the people that are interested in buying your rabbit and may also seek your consultancy.

Talking of selling your rabbit online, the following are the methods you can use.

  • Use of social media platform
  • Site/ e-commerce store/ blog site
Use of Social Media for selling of rabbit

With the boom in the use of social media in Nigeria, social media is a place where you can get people who are interested in rabbit farming and those who want to use it for meat. Making use of social media goes beyond the posting of pictures on groups with the caption ” Chinchilla rabbit available”.  It does not work for all, I have tried this approach before and it is not effective enough. When you are making use of social media for marketing, make sure to publish content that enlightens your audience on the benefits of the rabbit and the potentials for someone who might be interested in going commercial.

Use of Blog Site/ E-commerce

With a blog site, you can educate people on why they need to start rabbit farming. It does not end at that, with a blog, you can explain the health benefits of rabbit meat. This way you can recommend your services and product to them.

Below is a text message sent to me by someone living in Lagos while I stay in Ibadan. All I did was create a platform where I published good content on why rabbit farming is profitable.

Through this approach, I have received calls from people who bought rabbits from me and also interested in other services.

Do have any difficulty getting sales from your site/e-commerce store/blog?

Contact :

  • +2349037196137 (WhatsApp/Call)
  • +2349066572708 ( Call)

Here we have discussed different methods that can be used by rabbit farmers to sell their rabbits in Nigeria. We have online and online methods, the offline method involves organizing of seminars, word of mouth and display advertisement. I also made mention of the use of social media and leveraging on e-commerce or blog sites as a method for selling of rabbit.

Do you have any questions to ask about where to sell rabbits in Nigeria? or contributions to make? Kindly make use of the comment box.

Rabbit Farming

List Of Rabbit Meat Benefits

Years back rabbit meat used to be the order of the day, common just as the chicken meat is now. But along the line, it stopped making sense to many and that leads to a decrease in acceptance in society.  Only a few know about rabbit meat nutritional benefits. If you are reading this and you don’t know what consumption of rabbit meat can do the health or ways it can help a man/woman who is overweight loss some fat, this post is for you.

Raising of rabbits goes beyond use as pet and academic research, their meat has the following benefits:

List Of Rabbit Meat Benefits

  • It is one of the best white rabbit meat you can find on the market today.
  • Rabbit meat contains a high percentage of protein that can easily get digested.
  • It contains the least amount of fat among all types of meat (white and red meat).
  • Rabbit meat is almost free of cholesterol and that makes it good for patients with heart problems.
  • The level of sodium quantities is less than other meats.
  • It contains lesser bones, you have more edible meat to eat than chicken.
  • Good for pregnant women.
  • It helps in the elimination of obesity.
  • Good meat for patients with hypertension or diabetes.
  • It contains important nutrients potassium and magnesium that are needed for the maintenance of the nervous system and protects against stroke.
  • Since it contains elements such as potassium and zinc, it increases mental activity.
  • It contains a high percentage of iron which is a very important component of hemoglobin, help get rid of anemia.

Do you have anything to ask about rabbit meat nutritional benefits, rabbit nutrition or looking for answers to why rabbit meat is good for someone who is pregnant? Make use of the comment box to let us know.

Rabbit Farming

What Can I Feed My Nigerian Rabbits?

We have looked into How much does it cost to start a rabbit farm in Nigeria. Now it is What can i feed my Nigerian rabbits. You will also be learning on how to know if you are feeding your rabbit right and how to save feeding cost. What you give to your rabbit either as a subsistence or commercial farmer have along way to go in how profitable it becomes. Rabbits are easy to rear but feeding them what is right determines if you can keep on maintaining the farm and have a lot to say on whether you will wake up the next day and find out that your rabbits are still alive. I have a share of my own cake due to my negligence. Now back to What can i feed my Nigerian rabbits?

Factors to Consider When It Come To Feeding Rabbit

Whenever you think of what to feed your rabbits, you must put some factors into consideration:

  • You financial capacity
  • Purpose of rearing
  • Alternatives
  • Size of the farm
  • Type of diet you want to maintain.
Financial Capacity

This is one of the criteria that must be put into consideration whenever you think of what to feed rabbits. Can you afford to formulate your own rabbit feed? Do you have the financial capacity to hire a professional to do that for you? Or prefer to buy a good feed from factories that produce them? Or can you afford to be feeding your rabbits with pellets all through? The final decision is left you.

Purpose of Rearing

This might mean nothing to many but need to be answer. Are you rearing for private consumption or commercial purpose. If you will be selling your commercial purpose and your target is to sell them off within a period of 3-4 months you need to feed them what will make them gain weight during that period. If you are rearing for commercial purpose you can’t be feeding them grasses all through.

Do you have alternatives/Supplements?

Do you have alternatives to pellets? can you feed them fruits or leaves from the farm close to yours?

Factors listed here might not make sense to you at first but trust me they mean a lot. What you feed your rabbit is what they become. You can’t be feeding them hays all through without no pellets and expect them to have weight compare to those that feed theirs balance diet instead of feeding just to maintain them. You might be thinking that it is costly to feed rabbits right but it is not. What you need is the right feeding plan that you can follow consistently.

And that is what you will be learning here and i believe by the time you are done reading this you would have gain another knowledge compare to what you know initially.

What Can I Feed My Nigerian Rabbits?

Rabbits are animals with a very fragile digestive system, with a low tolerance for bad feeding, a single mistake in their feeding can lead to death of all rabbits in a pen. I have my own part of the pains to share. Let’s take for example, feeding rabbits cucumber or lettuce that is damaged can upset their stomach  and this can cause bloat, if proper care is not taking this can leads to death of the affected animals.

I could can the first time my elder brother left the pen in my charge. I was happy and excited as if millions of Naira was left in my care.

To keep the story short over 10 rabbits died before my brother return from travel. Do you know what caused that? I fed them than they need and i also fed  them damaged foods that made their fragile stomach become bloat.

The inexperience me that has no proper knowledge  of rabbit farming then was happy that i have fed them, thinking their stomach getting big is a sign of them been fed well.  one after other i caused the death of 10 rabbits.

From there I learnt that you shouldn’t feed rabbits anything you see. Make sure it is healthy for them and you should always put their fragile stomach into consideration.

What Should I Feed My Bun/Adult Rabbits?

What you feed a rabbit bun is totally different from that of adult rabbit, Why? Because a bun rabbits stomach  is more sensitive compare to that of adults rabbits. Do them good by knowing the following:

  • You should give them pellets because on its own it is a complete ration. But in cases when you can’t afford to be feeding them pellets then you should substitute with Succulent forage and grasses.


  • Feed them forage and grasses examples of which are; Aspillia Africana(Goat weed), Centrosema pubescence centro, Stylosanthes gracilis (stylis), Emillia spp and Panicum maximum (Guinea grass).


  • Leaves and Vegetables but make sure they are not too wet.


  • And you can also decide to feed them the following in small amounts:
  1. Watermelon  fruit
  2. Banana peel
  3. Sunflower and Seeds
  4. Banana and Orange without peels
  5. Wheat
  6. Barley
  7. Sweet Potatoes
  8. Rose flower
  • You can also feed them foods that contains sugar in large amounts e.g. carrots and apple.

Aside from the foods listed above you should also make sure to give them water consistent. It is one of the largest factors that decides what the weight of the rabbit will be like.  Feeding of rabbits is not all that is expected of you their are other things that you should not do during the period you are feeding them and condition that such food should be in.

  • You can’t change their foods suddenly, that is you must have been mixing the new food you want to introduce to them with the one you want to change from. Lets take for example you are giving them rice and you want to change to pellets, you should first of all be giving them rice mixed with pellets before you change it totally.
  • Do not overfeed them , this is one the mistakes that many makes when it comes to feeding rabbit in Nigeria. Always thinking overfeeding will make them grow faster, it does not work that way, just don’t make them get starved.
  • The green grass should not be a wet one feeding them wet grass will make their stomach get upset.

Should I Feed Them Make my Feed or Buy?

I was stalked at this same spot years back but to be honest with you I chose buying pellets instead. I can’t be jack of all trade but i don’t know maybe years to come when my pen is big enough, i might decide to implement Vertical Integration on my farm.

The decision to buy or make your feeds or buy is left to you. Only know your financial capacity and how ready you are to go out there to learn what you need to make a proper feed formulation for rabbits.

Do you have anything to ask or complaints to make on What Can I Feed My Nigerian Rabbits? Kindly make use of the comment box. Thank you.

Rabbit Farming

List of 5 Benefits of Rabbit Meat

Grilled, fried or even boiled, rabbit meal is both a tasty and nutrient rich delicacy. Research has shown that rabbit meat, other wise know as white meat is more healthier that the conventional red meat.
Why then do we see more red meat in circulation? In this article, we will be highlighting the importance of eating rabbit meat. Shouldn’t there be more Rabbit farms? The bulk of the meat industry contain/supply red meat for consumption.

Fun fact:
Did you know that a rabbit’s body only contains 20% bone and the rest is a meat?

Rabbits are easy to rare, fairly easy to feed and of course, they do not need a large piece of land. Living a healthy life has a lot to do with what does into your system.
As for what does into our system, there are a few things we may not be able to control. But when it comes to what goes into our mouth, we should take charge of that. Rabbit meat offers some surprising benefits to the body, some of which we will be talking about.
If you have been considering opening your own rabbit farm, there is no better time than now. The market is fresh and unsaturated and there is a lot of profit to be made in a niche will such little competition. For information on this topic, read our article about how to make money rabbit farming.

List of 5 Importance Of Eating Rabbit Meat

1) Strengthens The Immune System And Prevents Stroke

Rabbit meat contains potassium and magnesium. These two essential nutrients go a long way in keeping ones health.
How often do we consciously take the health of the nervous system into account?
I mean, we worry about our health, but not every one knows about the  important details of what not to use and what to use to boost the human immune system.
Rabbit meat takes care of those small details for you. Helping you maintain a strong immune system and protecting you against stroke. Stroke has many causative factors, but you won’t need to worry about them.
Who would have thought that by simple changing the meat you eat you could almost garrantee a life without illnesses like stroke? Well heres your chance to debunk your health fears and enjoy a well deserved tasty meal without even while your health stays in check.

2) Ideal For Pregnant Women

Rabbit meat is one food pregnant women should add to their cravings list. Rabbit meat is not just about nutrient, it is also easy to digest. This amazing nature of rabbit meat makes is a best pick for pregnant women.
Through out and even after the pregnancy period, the health of the mother and child is a primary concern. It can be quite surprising how much good rabbit meat can do.
For every pregnant woman, the goal is to give birth to a healthy child. Right? What better way is there than eating healthy? As we a ready know, babies need all the nutrients they can get. This discovery puts the ability to determine the outcome of your child’s health in your control.
Although red meat isn’t all toxic, rabbit meat fits into your best definition”meat”, plus a little extra. In most cases, that small extra push works like a ripple effect and delivers outstanding results.
Growing children also need a good amount of protein to live and maintain an healthy life. This is nothing a good rabbit meat cannot take care of.

3) Protects You Against Obesity

As we mentioned earlier, rabbit meat contains a good proportion of protein. This makes it an excellent source for protein. It also contains a very low-fat ratio. Compared to other types of meat that fill your system with fat, rabbit meat doesn’t. In fact it does the exact opposite actually.
If you are someone that wants stay away from food items that contain fat but still enjoy eating meat, rabbit meat Is for you.
As we already know, proteins, is a very vital nutrient needed by the body. Do you want to lose weight? Have some rabbit meat. Rabbit meat contains less calories compared to the type of meat you consume. If you want to get in shape quickly you can make a shift from red to white meat and watch the changes.
You should see this as a win-win situation, why? Because, you don’t have to completely say good bye to eating meat. But rather, you can go for an healthier choice and still have a amazing meal.

4) It Helps Patients With Hypertension

Rabbit meat can be a very big relief for patients experiencing high blood pressure. What makes it so effective? Why should patients use it? Aside from being very nutrious, rabbit meat contains a very small percentage of the element sodium.
Combined with based perfect set of balanced important nutrients, rabbit meat can do high blood pressure patients lots of good. Although there are a bunch of drugs that can help this patients out, rabbit meat will enable them to add an extra layer of protection.
Being sick doesn’t have to be a long bumpy ride with lots of pain and fear of the unknown. Eating healthy is just like pressing a fast forward button to a time when you will be all well and good. With rabbit meat along side living an healthy life, high blood pressure patients can live a better life.

5) It Helps Patients With Hypertension

Are you suffering from hypertension? Or, do you know someone that is suffering from it? Rabbit meat is definitely worth a try. One thing is sure, results have made us realize that eating rabbit meal isn’t just a hype but something that is actually very effective.
Eating food items with harmful cholesterol can gave an ugly effect on someone with cardiovascular health. Rabbit meat doesn’t contain these harmful cholesterol.
Staying on a diet for these kind of patients can be a very hard experience. However rabbit meat offers an whole new experience and opportunity to enjoy a rich meal. In taste and in nourishment.

Rabbit Farming

5 Facts They Won’t Tell You About Rabbit Farming in Nigeria

Whenever people come up with Profitable agribusiness to venture into in this part of the world, it is rare not to find rabbit farming. They come up with all sort of statistics to back up their claim, some of which are true while others are not.

The fact that Rabbit farming is profitable can’t be overlook, the fact that it is one of the best agribusiness for someone with small space is cool and the fact that we are yet to know the potentials. Read this to know how profitable rabbit farming is.

But do you also know that the information marketers that sold that e-book for you has failed to tell you the core fact of the market for rabbit farming in Nigeria? I don’t expect him/her to have tell you the fact, many of them don’t really have proper knowledge of rabbit farming in Nigeria.

Without wasting much of our time on intro that might be of little help, lets look into Rabbits markets  and marketing of rabbits.

What Information Marketers Won’t Tell You About Rabbit Farming in Nigeria

The following are the facts that Information marketers has failed to tell you.

  • Rabbit Farming is not a Ponzi Scheme, it is not a get rich fast scheme
  • You need Money to operate Rabbit pen.
  • You need experience or Hire someone with the experience.
  • Other skills are needed.
Rabbit Farming is not a Ponzi Scheme

One of the reasons why many decides to venture into Rabbit farming is that fact the bloggers or information marketers that listed Rabbit farming as one of the most profitable business to do in Nigeria provide them with data’s that made them think they will be making millions within 5 months.

This is a feat that can be achieve but it is not as easy as information marketers that are only after money used to paint it. You can’t make millions from rabbit farming when you don’t have millions of Naira as Capital and  making millions of Naira from rabbit farming is not easy when you have no market for rabbits coming out of your farm.

Let be frank with ourselves, Agriculture as a whole is a sector that we are yet to unfold it full potential in this part of the world and it is a sector that need only those who are into long term investment. If you belong to the set of people looking for ways to start making millions from rabbit farming when you have no proper marketing strategy and market. Please invest in something else.

Money is Needed to Start or Operate a Rabbit Pen

Reason why i decide to add this is that i saw a post on Facebook that Rabbit Farming was listed among business that can be done without no money.

Let me be frank with you, finance is one of those thing that you need after carrying out your market research. Will the rabbits come from heaven, even if a friend will give you rabbits to start with, what of construction of pen, let say you can construct that yourself what of the feeding and buying of drugs? Can you get all for free? I guess the answer is no.

You need money to start and maintain a rabbit farm, even though the capital might not be much. Money is still Money.

If you have no personal finance to start your own rabbit farm, you can partner with someone that is willing to, then share profit base on what you have all agreed on. Read this to know what it will cost you to start a rabbit farm business.

You need a ready Market

Only few of the information Marketers or bloggers will tell you that you need a ready market if you really want to make substantial amount of money as a rabbit farmer. Rabbit Farming in Nigeria is yet to gain grounds like that of its counter-part(Poultry Farming, Pig Farming and others). Many don’t even know that rabbit meats are consumeable, many in this part of the world still belong to the school of thought that it can only be use for pet.

Right from the day you decide to become a rabbit farmer the first thing you should do is get a ready market. Will you be selling to Restaurants, will you be adding value to it or exporting? Provide answers to that. Then you have high chance than those in the same business as you.

  • Visit Restaurants in your areas make them know the importance of rabbit meat and ask if they can give you chance to their customer base.
  • Network with others in the field, this is sure one of the best ways that can give your concurrent buyers.
  • Make use of word of mouth to mouth.
  • Post on social media platform but don’t just tell them to buy. List the benefits of rabbit meat, make use of relevant statistics to back up your claim. The results won’t come out of nowhere but please be consistent with it.
Marketing Skills is Needed

It is not enough to start a rabbit farming, you need other skills like marketing and Copy Writing skills to compliment it. They are the ones that gives you leverages over your competitor to get more buyers using online and offline platform. When you have knowledge of marketing and copy writing you will be able to convince potential buyers by telling them not only to buy your products like lots of farmers do, you will know how to  tell them the benefits, make them know problems they are facing that it can solve.

But information marketers won’t tell you this because majority of them are only after your money. Note that i am not trying to damage anybody means of living but we should also not forget that it is not always about money.

You need Experience or Right Knowledge

They won’t tell you right knowledge and experience are needed. But you surely need them this way you would have become familiar with all problems that you might face on your farm.  You can gain knowledge of rabbit farming by paying someone or volunteering to work on rabbit farm for free.

Check out List of price of rabbit in Nigeria 2019 and you can also visit our online store.

Here is where i am ending on what you should know on rabbit farming in Nigeria. If you have anything to ask or any complaint kindly make use of the comment box or the contact us section.

Rabbit Farming

List of Price of Rabbit in Nigeria

What are the Price of Rabbit in Nigeria? Many want to venture into rabbit farming but don’t know where to buy rabbit from, which led many to be searching for where to buy rabbit in Lagos, Rabbit seller in Ibadan and so on.  We also have those who needs it for consumption, people in this category won’t stop searching for rabbit meat seller in Nigeria and other keywords that are close to it.

Whatever you want to do with them, I will be providing you with list of Possible price you can get them in Nigeria and you can also get them from our farm.

Note: we deliver to anywhere in Nigeria.

List of Price of Rabbit in Nigeria

Before then there are things you need to know on why people consume rabbit and why they rear them.

Reasons why People Keep Rabbits

There are several reasons why people consume them which you might not know but trust me by the time you are done with reading this section , you will find it difficult not to crave for one.

  • Consumption:  When you ask those into Rabbit Farming in Nigeria especially those doing subsistence, the first thing they will tell you is that it is for consumption. It is a very good source of protein with so many healthy when compare to meat. Rabbit meat can be processed for consumption in several ways; It can be fried, cooked, oven dried. It is one of the good source of white meat with high level of digestible protein. One of the notable reasons why people consume rabbits are the following:
  1. It contains high calcium and phosphorous
  2. Contain no cholesterol
  3. Low sodium content
  4. It has low-fat content
  5. Serves as alternatives for those on diet because of its low calories

Rabbit meat is always place side by side with chicken meat but to be honest with you. I will always go for Rabbit meat in Nigeria any day.


  • Fur/ Skin Production : Angora and Rex breed of rabbit is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk of production of skin/fur using rabbit around the world. The fur is used on commercial scale in the production of hats, coats, and toys. It is pass through many processes before it can become what people can be attracted to it. Some of the processes include curing, glossing, and skinning.

Rabbits that are meant for production of fur are usually left to reach maturity before being slaughtered. This is done to make sure the skin is suitable and and has already developed for production of high standard skin.


  • As Pets:  Rabbits are mostly use as pet in Europe but here in this part of the world they are meant for consumption. They are social active domestic animals that love to be cuddled and carried. Dedication of time by the owner always make them to create this bond that will take along time before they can be broken.


  • Experimental Research: Just like we have white rats, rabbits are kept for research purpose especially by schools of Agriculture in Nigeria, science schools and research institute. They are used for variety of research for different purposes. They are known to have similar physiology to humans and are easy to handle and care for if compare to others.


  • Use in Production of Manure: The rabbit manure is one of the greatest organic fertilizers that anyone can ever lay hands on. We have a large and green market for fresh droppings of rabbits when they turn dry manure. Rearing them will give you endless and increasing supply of droppings that you can sell to companies that process and package them into final products. You can as well start Organic manure production factory.

The droppings of rabbits are rich in nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen. They can be applied                          directly to plants. If you are the type that keep a small garden at the back of your house, you will never                              needs to worry on buying expensive fertilizers.

Breeds of Rabbit in Nigeria

We have many breeds of rabbits but i will try to limit myself to those that can easily be source for here in Nigeria:

  • American Chinchilla
  • Angora
  • Rex
  • Havana
  • Polish
  • English Spot
  • Giant Blanc
  • Silver Martens
  • New Zealand White
  • Checked Giants

Prices of Rabbit in Nigeria 2019

Note: Price of rabbits in Nigeria varies from one location to another, you can find it one price today and find it at another price the next day. The prices that will listed here are collated base on what our Competitors are selling and those on our farms.

  1. Weaners Rabbit  #2,000 – #3,000
  2. Grower Rabbit  #4,000 – #5,000
  3. Matured Rabbit #6,000 – #7,000

Where to Buy Rabbit in Nigeria

Rabbit in Cage
Bunnies from AgHub Farms

Are you looking for where to buy Rabbit in Nigeria? where to buy rabbit in Lagos? and where to buy rabbit in Ibadan? Worry no more as AgHub Farms got your back on every delivery of rabbit you might ask for here in Nigeria.

Contact us with email on or call us on +2349066572708 to place your order.

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