How A Young Person Can Raise Money For Agribusiness

The potential of agriculture in Nigeria and the world is a great one, and the words going around in this part of the world is that youth should start farming. But how can someone within the age of 18 – 25 without no job or source of income raise money to start a small scale farming, how can a graduate with no job get funds to start agribusiness? Right from the time, the biggest hurdle for anyone interested in agribusiness is capital. But is that the end? Does that mean other years of waiting for government grants that can take forever or loans from the bank with huge interest that can eat up the whole business profit?

Raising money for agribusiness does not stop at grants from the government or loans from the bank. You can as well raise money for your agribusiness through other sources.

So what are those sources?

How A Young Person Can Raise Money For Agribusiness

Raising money to start an agribusiness for someone with no tangible source of income can be tiring, it does not end at that, what of those that fall into the category of underemployed, people like this find it difficult to feed their families and that makes it hard for them to save to start agribusiness as a side hustle talkless of practicing it in a subsistence way. Also for a student or teenager that is still in school saving stipends giving can be hard.

That is why I have compiled the proven methods that worked for me and others that I have read their success stories on the internet.

Raising Funds As A Young Person Who Wants To Start An Agribusiness

  • Savings
  • Crowdfunding
  • Partnership
  • Donations from families and friends

Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean

Appropriating a percentage of money earned from menial Jobs or from salaries can go along way in setting up your agribusiness, it might take long but definitely it can be achieved. For many, this approach always is seen as a mirage that can never be catch up with.

If you find it difficult to save money because of your extravagant lifestyle or habit of trying to impress all, you can make use of the Piggyvest app to save your money. Piggyvest is a very secure online savings platform that helps you achieve financial freedom by enabling you to save responsibly.

Where will the money to save come from?

If you are a teenager with a good command of English or have any digital skills? You can make some money off sites like Fiverr and Upwork by rendering services to people.

I bought thirty rabbits in the month of August 2019 with some of the money I earned as a freelancer working for blogs and businesses. You as well can make your money with this approach then invest the money into any agribusiness of your choice.

And if you have no digital skills to render but employed, you can start by keeping 2-3% of your monthly salaries into this cause. It may take longer but you can achieve it.


This method of raising funds is changing lives all over the world.  It is done with the aid of technology and involves pitching your idea on any crowdfunding site of your choice and people contribute depending on how enticing your pitch is and how appealing your idea is. We have different crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter, GoFundme and Indiegogo. Many of this site has helped many raised millions of dollars for their projects.

This approach seems easy but you need to get your pitch right as that is what will determine what funds will be raised.


A partnership is another way to raise funds for agribusiness, especially for someone with no funds. Instead of asking your friends for money to spend in club and alcohol, you can go into partnership with them, share the idea with them and explain how feasible the idea is. Talk out what sharing percentage will be used and make sure it is legalized.

Donation from family and friends

Family members and friends can be regarded as another source of raising funds for someone interested in agribusiness. We have entrepreneurs such as Bethlehem Alemu from Ethiopia, who started her dream business in the year 2004 with $ 10,000. The funds were raised from family and friends.

My question is have you talk to your uncle, aunty or parents about your ideas? If you haven’t done that before do it now.

You might be lucky.

Don’t put an end to that dream of you becoming an agribusiness owner.

Don’t give up because of grants government promised are not forthcoming.

Just start somehow, if you have no money to buy resources or materials but have an ancestral land look for someone with funds to partner with. If you are a salary earner with a little paycheck, save the money little by little.

With time and diligence, you can become that agribusiness owner!

Do you have any questions to ask or contributions to make? Kindly make use of the comment box. Do you have an interest in rabbit farming? Check out List of Price of Rabbit in Nigeria


Digital Marketing for Agribusiness Owner in Nigeria

We now have the youths, adults, retirees venturing into agribusiness in this part of the world. Many are putting in the millions, spending time on the farm and at the factory.

But it is a sad thing that many agribusiness owners are yet to know the potentials and contributions that proper use of Digital Marketing will add to their business. Making sales is one of those things that contribute to the success of any agribusiness whether small or large scale. The saying is that “you are only in business when you start selling”

How can this be achieved?

Making use of the right marketing channel in which Digital marketing is one of them is the way to go.

Digital marketing will help you reach the people who are interested in buying your farm produce, with digital marketing you will be able to reach the targeted audience, those who are facing the problem that your product can solve.

With this modern method of advertisement, you can also decide what time you want them to see your ads. You can also decide on the format you want them to see it(Text, Image or Video). Aside from these, you can also target people who are outside your geographical area.

What else can I do with Digital Marketing?

With Digital marketing you can

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Increase your sales
  • And social media presence

To keep the long story short, What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be simplified as the marketing of products and services by making of Internet. According to a definition provided by Neil Patel, It is advertising through digital channels such as web applications, websites, search engines, email, mobile applications, social media, and any other digital medium.

To put it in a simpler form:

It is the form of marketing of products and services that involves the use of electronic devices.

Don’t get confused, both are still pointing at one thing – Leveraging on electronics method of advertisement.

Before we move on

Note: Digital marketing is not limited to online alone, it can be practiced offline as well.

  • Sending SMS to potential buyers is also a form of digital marketing.
What is so Special about Digital Marketing?

Have you noticed the increase in the use of mobile phones and computers?

Have you noticed that youths now spend most of their time online reading blog posts, chatting and brainstorming in groups?

As time goes on digital marketing will become an effective method to reach your audience even they no longer turn on their radios and televisions. With the modern method of advertisement, you will be able to let them know about your business even when they are thousands of miles away from you.

With digital marketing, you will be able to reach those who are interested in what you do,you will able to decide as at what time you want them to see your products and services and also tell them what to do.

You might be thinking ” the Local market is still green”  but have you think of how you can spend less on customer acquisition? Have you ever think of ways you can reach a specific set of people within an age range or those who are 1-2km away from your business?

Digital marketing will do all that for you.

Do you have anything to ask on Digital Marketing for Agribusiness Owner? Kindly make use of the comment box. Look forward to different digital marketing strategies.


How to Invest in Agriculture in Nigeria

In my previous post where i have looked into lucrative agribusiness ideas that virtually anyone can do. And that made me come up with the idea of How people can invest in Agriculture passively or actively. 

We have different ways on how you can invest money. You can decide to go into real estate, buy shares in banks, in short we have many investment opportunities in Nigeria for people of different class. Africa population as at 2016 we have over 1.216 billion of people staying in the continent, what does that mean? The increase in population calls for more investment in our Agricultural sector.

Investment in this sector is the only thing that can ensure the survival of Africa race and it neighboring continent. By you searching for this on whatever medium that redirected you here then you must have made up your mind on investing on agriculture.

One of the essential human needs is food. According to popular belief every person on the surface of the earth needs to eat. With our increase in population increase in demand for agricultural produce is certain but can we cope with that? Are we ready for that? Is our practice here sustainable? If we continue this way can we feed our booming population?  Those are questions we need to provide answers to.

For you to be here You will definitely find answers to all your questions on Investment on agriculture in Nigeria, online farming in Nigeria and market feasibility on agriculture in Nigeria.

Before I invest in Agriculture what do I need to know?

Just like every other professions you need some basic knowledge before you put your thousands or millions into it.

  • It is not a get rich quick scheme: If you want to invest in agriculture, it is not a get rich quick. Information marketers that are after your money will promise you millions on Naira in two months. To be honest with you agriculture doesn’t work that way especially if your capital is small and the demand for your agricultural produce is low.  I am not saying making millions at once  is not an achievable feat but you need huge capital, proper information on farm maintenance and patience to see your investment transform into something that is worthy of emulation.
  • We have more than one way to invest: We have many  ways to make profit out of agriculture. Investing in agriculture will give the opportunity to diversify your money into many things. If you want to see your investment in agriculture in Nigeria grow faster, you should:
  1. Grow crops that are in high demand
  2. Invest in organic farming
  3. Build infrastructures that will improve your daily output
  4. Think of adding value to your agricultural produce
  5. Make more research on vertical integration in agriculture then implement them on your farm
  • It is Long Term Investment:  If have crops such as pecan trees, cocoa that can take three to four years before that can be ready for harvest. However, there will always be a market for them, so investing in agriculture will add slow but steady growth to your savings.
  • You need proper Knowledge:  E-books you downloaded from the internet are not enough, you need to learn from those in the field before you.

It is a different thing for them to tell you they are farmers, are they doing it well? – Olatinwo Dayo

How to Invest in Agriculture in Nigeria

At the first paragraph of this post made mention of investing in agriculture passively and actively. Here is where i will be shedding more light on how the two works.

Investing in Agriculture Passively

You must have heard of Online farming in Nigeria? Investing in agriculture passively is all about making your money work for you, all you need to do is buy unit on site like Farmcrowdy, Thriveagric and others.

This type of investment method is for those with no knowledge of agriculture but want make money off it, civil servant with limited time and others.

Investing in agriculture can also be seen as a partnership business. Mr A have knowledge of Farming in Nigeria but have no money but instead of giving up, he approach Mr B at the other street with a well prepared Business plan to seek for financial assistance.

Mr B gave him the money on the ground that he will own 60% of whatever profit that comes from the farm. This way Mr B is making money passively without getting his hands dirty.

Investing in Agriculture Actively

This type is needs one to have proper knowledge of what agriculture is, you will be the one overseeing the day-to-day running of the farm. It is one of the common mode of investment in agriculture.

Nobody will take care of your business like you

If i am going to invest in agriculture actively, what are the agricultural sectors that are worthy of investing on?

Another that you can use in investing in agriculture is by buying agricultural produce of farmers and turning it consumable goods for consumers(Value Addition).

Be sincere with yourself on Basic Economic Problem

Make research on your business ideas market feasibility using the basic economic problems and make sure you are sincere with yourself.  You might think they are not needed but trust me they overlooking it won’t do you any good.

If you have anything to ask on How to Invest in Agriculture in Nigeria, please kindly make use of the comment box.


How to Start Making Millions with Snail Farming In Nigeria

When we talk of lucrative business people can venture into in Nigeria Snail Farming in Nigeria will always be in the top 10. It is a practical and viable business that many are yet to know the potentials in this part of the world.

Many are already into it but most people are not doing it right. This post will show you the potentials of snail farming and how you can go about to becoming a well recognized snail farmer.

Before then what is snail farming all about?

Snail Farming in Short

Snail farming is simply the act of rearing snail. From the maintenance of the farm to feeding then to the point of harvest. If you see the pros in the field, information marketers or lecturers trying to give you another meaning different from this, trust me all they are trying to do is to impress you.

But Why Snail Farming


The market for snail farming in Africa is huge but underrated just like every other types of farming. Snails can contribute in a huge way to our diets in this part of the world, but the only problem is you can hardly find them available at affordable for the common man all year round. If you can invest your money or partner with someone with the knowledge of snail farming in Nigeria restaurants, Hotels, Individuals and schools are the ones that will be your customers.

In a typical Nigeria market place you will a piece of snail being sold at #300- #650 base on the size. However, the demand for snail meat is around 7.5 million kg annually.

The majority of snails found in our markets are the once handpicked from the farm and is the practice that is putting snails as meat on the family table. But as things are going, the demand is increasing. Companies that are into production of creams are demanding for it, Hotels are demanding for it because that is what the big men demand for whenever they visit, Individuals wants to eat more since they couldn’t get any from the bush path at the back of the yard.

Why don’t you go into snail farming and tap into this pool wealth? Are you already into it and you don’t know how to make more money or you are finding it hard to get market for your snails? I will be providing you with information on you can leverage on the power of internet and local market below.

How to Start Making Millions with Snail Farming In Nigeria

Hmmm, to be honest with you the only way for you to make millions when we talk of snail farming in Nigeria is for you to work for it, be consistent , learning new strategy, expanding your farm and get more sells which is what i will be teaching you next.

Getting more sales for your Snail Meats online

Like I use to say business needs to start leveraging on the power internet to get more sales and increase their brand visibility. You will be surprise when you see what people are searching for online and definitely we have people searching for benefits of snail meats ,where they can get snail meats in Nigeria and where to get snail meat in Lagos but unfortunately you can rarely find business owner that fall into this category on the search list. because they think they don’t need it. They think the Local market is enough for them.

The local markets is still green but you should consider having online presence as an Agribusiness owner

With right online marketing strategy you can get targeted traffic and loyal customers that will be referring you to friends and family till God knows when.

#1. Create content 

Selling products in many sector now happens through creating content that solves the daily problems of people. You will get more sells if you create content that make people curious of how your snail meat can give them what they want.

As a rabbit farmers making research on the benefits of rabbit meat and creating mind blowing content around them will give your brand and business visibility to those who are dare need of it. This way many of them will contact you to ask more on what your profit can do and order for it if can give them reasons why they need to buy from you.

Lets take for example Mr Ridwan is a Snail meat seller looking for ways to get more sells using the internet. All he needs to do is Make research on the benefits of snail which are:

  • Assist in development of the brain
  • Prevention of heart disease
  • Lowering of cholesterol level in the body
  • Low in fat which it makes it good for those who are interested in losing weight.

What Mr Ridwan needs to do is write content that are focused on the benefits listed above, this way those who are facing problems that are associated with the benefits will want to know more and maybe buy the snail meats from your brand and refer friends as well.

#2. Be Social

You don’t have to be a guru when it comes to selling, but please be social.

Most of the salesperson you will see out there are not all good with selling. Trust me they are good at building relationship and audience via social media.

If you can build a brand where your audience can easily interact with you and easily get words out of them, you can easily sell anything by presence or pitching.

#3. Helping People

Everything is not about money, try to render free services to them at times. Provide them with content that will solve their problems then watch them stay loyal to your brand.

#4. Leverage on Digital Marketing

You can make use of your Social media pages and groups to create content but do you know that their is more to Digital marketing? 

Implementing Digital Marketing into your business of snail meat selling will give you access to more audience and those who are genuinely interested in what you are selling.

Making use of right hash tags on Instagram, ranking right keywords on search engine , leveraging on Google Ad words, having the right email list combine with good content marketing will surely give you more sells online.


Getting more sales for Snail Meat in the Local Market

The difference between getting sales from the local market and from the local market have no much difference, the difference between the two is from the use of Technology.

Getting more sales from the local market needs you to convince people , restaurants owners and  Hotels. You can make contracts with Hotels on supplying of certain amounts of snails meat in a week.

It is all boil down to doing something different, packaging your snails meat in a different way and staying consistent with your product.


Making millions from snail farming is not a rocket science neither is it as simple as ABC, but trust me it is what you can achieve when you have proper knowledge of what snail farming and right Marketing skills.

Staying motivated and consistent is an advantage, don’t be pressurize by the pictures on social media. Leverage on them to do them to do better.

#AgricPays but only for those with patience.


How Facebook can help Agribusiness Owners

Social media has so much power and have proven overtime to be a useful tool for many businesses nowadays. By design, it is a tool for connecting people. Several businesses have been doing just that; connecting with their various customers, telling stories that will evoke emotional responses and at the same time also providing valuable information.
Among the different social media platforms that exist, Facebook is one of the world’s most popular social networking website as it makes connecting with friends and family easier. Pictures, videos and websites can be shared on this platform and it also allows users to create a profile, add friends, send messages and join common interest groups.

Facebook is indeed almost indispensable to a business’s marketing strategy. It has been embraced by businesses, governments and organizations as a marketing tool. Why so? This is because Facebook has become so popular among the general population with people from all over the world and the added fact that it is free (except for ads and promoted posts).

As a result, people no longer need to meet up with each other in person to share opinions about a product purchased or experiences; all of these can be done online with the added benefit of a larger audience.
For agribusinesses, there is the advantage of these aspects with the added benefit of being free (or low cost). The largest cost to you will be the time you spend creating and maintaining your Facebook presence. This article will describe how you can utilize Facebook to market your agricultural business and products as well as how it can help your business.

How Facebook can help Agribusiness Owners

Agribusinesses can utilize Facebook in a variety of ways for marketing purposes. Many benefits lie here and they include:

Maintenance of contact with customers and the public

Through the posting of status updates, photos and videos and links, individuals with interest in your business can get to know what’s going on at any point in time.


You can advertise your business, products and events on Facebook. For example, if you own a farm market and you have a special sales day, on your business’ profile page you can create an event posting.
Another way to advertise is by developing paid advertisements. Before creating your advertisement, you have to know your objective. For example, do you want to boost a post, promote your page, reach people near your business, send people to your website or raise attendance at an event? In essence, know what you want to advertise. Other aspects necessary are your audience, where you want the ad to appear, the budget and of course the visual side (where you choose the relevant image/video for your ad depending on the objective you chose).
Information sharing

For keeping people up to date on what’s happening within your industry or perhaps to share helpful tips on how to use the products you sell, Facebook is your go-to. This is made possible through its ability to post and share links and create notes and discussions. For example, if your agribusiness is centered on corn production and sale, you could provide step to step instructions on how to freeze corn. This is good strategy for better business.

How Facebook Groups Grow your Agribusiness Venture

To grow your agribusiness venture, know that you need Facebook pages and groups because both can boost your Facebook marketing efforts.
Some farmers in East Africa have wisely utilized this tool as they have created numerous groups. This has helped them connect with one another to share ideas across the agribusiness community.
In as much as` there are Facebook groups organized around causes, events and social groups; there can also be groups for agribusiness owners to connect with their customers and followers, or colleagues in professional organizations.

They add Value

There are different ways by which Facebook groups can add value to your agribusiness venture.
They help you build community: By so doing, there is easy flow of information. Information is paramount and having the right information at your fingertips could open doors. By being connected, agribusiness owners can learn from one another, find new products, share innovative ideas and create awareness.
They help you promote your product: whether you just harvested a farm produce or have a livestock to sell, you can post them on Facebook and inquire if anyone is interested in buying. You would be surprised by the number of persons interested in what you’re selling.

Keeping you organized

whether it be for community building or the promotion of a product, they are indeed very useful. They also possess certain in-built features that can make groups even more powerful. If for instance you want to organize an agribusiness training event for your group; to know the type of training members are interested in, you could use the “Questions” feature to poll members about what they prefer asking them to choose from a list of options.

After settling on the type of training to host, use the “Create Event” feature on Facebook to schedule it and collect RSVPs. You can post files that you’d love to share with your group members too. These could be in the form of documents or presentations.

How Does Facebook Work?

Know that before you can use Facebook as a tool in your marketing plan, you of course need to create a Facebook account and profile. If you already have an account and are ready to create a business profile, you’ll be faced with the decision to either create a “Group” or “Page”. Both appear to be the same but have some key differences which result in Pages most at times lending themselves better to businesses for marketing purposes. The differences include:

#1. Search capability:  Unlike groups, pages are indexed by external search engines such as Google, just like a public profile.

#2. Posts: Pages create content that come from the Page itself so it’s not linked to you personally. For groups however, as a group administrator, posts appear to be coming from you and are attached to your profile profile.
Even as you become more serious with Facebook, you can import blog entries into the Notes application. This allows you to leverage your blogging efforts. Also, it is possible to share your Facebook presence with a personalized URL.

If you want to use Facebook as a marketing tool for your agricultural business, you need to stay current on the features and capabilities of Facebook. There are a lot of benefits inherent in Facebook for you and your business.
Your agribusiness can indeed be grown exponentially, only try Facebook!


List of Environmental Benefits of Organic Farming

What are the environmental benefits of organic farming? Organic farming is another branches of agriculture that has being gaining momentum in the recent years and the number of people investing in it keeps on increasing but many still can’t stop asking/searching for relevant information to enlighten them on why they should start one or invest their hard earned money on it.

Organic farming can be profitable and appeals to the consumers while it comes to choosing healthy food. Beyond money and ethics, organic farming have numerous environmental benefits.

Before then you need to know Organic farming is and other terms use in this farming practice.

What is Organic Farming?

Organic farming can be refer to as the agricultural practice that make use of pest control methods that are gotten from plants and animal waster and nitrogen-fixated crops.

What are the Environmental Benefits of Organic Farming

#1. It helps in reduction of Chemicals exposure

According to the recent notes released by the Organic Trade Association that if every farmer around the world could convert into organic food production, we will be able to reduce pollution to some extent even if they can’t be eliminated completely, Organic farming could eliminate 500 million pounds of harmful and persistent pesticides from coming into our environment annually.

Use of chemicals and pesticide has results in many environmental problems that might take decades for humans to solve:

  • Use of pesticide on crops allows disease resistant to build up in weeds, plants and plants eating insects.
  • Chemicals use on farms that are close to source of water like stream normally contaminate the soil and the source of water it self. Which can likely cause death of plants and animals that use these places as habitats.
  • Chemical that are synthetic in nature also discourage the use practice of crop rotation and cover crops, which can result to other environmental problems like erosion and others.


#2.  Practice of Organic Farming Helps in Building of Healthy Soil

Have you ever heard of anyone growing healthy food without having access to healthy soil? Don’t even think of Hydro phonics. If you treat the soil with harmful chemicals, you may end up with soil that will need many months of hard works and correction before it can thrive on its own. No other form of cultivation can be compare to Natural cultivation practices which are far better than soil that are maintain using chemicals.


#3. Organic Farming Helps in Fighting of Erosion

Organic farming is not only useful in maintaining soil health, it can also be use to fight erosion on farms and other places where erosion are likely to occur.

A major research shows that organic field contains eight more inches more of top soil than the ones that are chemically treated and comes with lesser erosion loss.

If you belong to the set of people that aren’t concerned about erosion and you call yourself a farmer; you should be. Because the fate of your farm definitely depend on that even if you are practicing Hydro phonics. Erosion issue are extremely affecting farm lands, factories and big establishment. However , organic farming practices help to reduce erosion.

#4. Fighting the Effects of Global Warming

If you are informed on the happenings around the world you will know that, it is one of the issues  that countries are spending million of dollars on, looking for ways to reduce it. Research has shown that practicing organic agriculture will go along way in reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


#5. It Helps in Conserving Water and Water Health

Poor Water health and lack of proper water supplies is another global challenges that Nations and continent are facing. when the water supply channel is at risk, definitely the people are the ones that will end up suffering for it.

One of the major water pollutants of water in Africa is run off coming from farms that practice conventional farming and make use of toxic fertilizers and animal waste. Organic farming can help in keeping our source of water supply clean by reducing run off from dangerous sources.