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We help individuals and companies set up Rabbit farm, offer consultancy services and sell rabbits meat for all sorts(fried, frozen and dried)

Customer Support

Our Customers Support representatives are top-notch, and always available to hear your complaints.

Practical Experience

The team at AgHub.com.ng are not paper farmers that sit-in office predicting returns on Investment, with 3 years of experience as a rabbit farmer I can tell you that you can get all you need to know from here.

Edible Rabbit Meat

Here on Aghub.com.ng any rabbit meat in whatever form you buy from us, you can rest assured that they are in a good state.







Consulting services

As a rabbit farmer with knowledge of digital marketing, I collaborate with many companies and individuals to set up rabbit farm and teach maintenance.

Rabbit Business Plan

As a rabbit farmer with years of experience, I can write a business plan that will serve as your business foundation and you apply for grants or seeking for investors

Healthy Rabbit Meat

Rabbit meat in Nigeria for all ages available in dried, frozen and dried form

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Olawale James

Pioneers in Rabbit Farming

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you visit my location for consultation?

Yes in as much as expenses for transportation will be covered by you.

What are the benefits of rabbit meat?

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How much does it cost to start a rabbit farm?

There is no limitation to the amount of funds you can put into rabbit farming, you can start with as low as #5,000 or invest as high as #1,000,000. Check out How much does it take to start a rabbit business in Nigeria

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