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Business Plan

We are the only rabbit farming company in Nigeria that develop realistic and implementable rabbit farming business plan in Nigeria

Cage Design

Are you interested in starting your own rabbit farm? Contact us to design and construct rabbit cage that base on your environment


Sure, rabbit farming is a business for all - but when you are investing so much that trial and error is not an option, you need a consultant

Feed Formulation

AgHub team is a made up of experts in animal science and related fields, and we can help you with rabbit feed formulation in Nigeria

Why Buy Rabbit In Nigeria From Us?

Our team members are passionate about what they put in everything to get clients satisfied. We pride in seeing rabbits purchased on our farm growing and healthy. When it comes to practical knowledge of rabbit farming in Nigeria, our team has invested time and resources to know what works and what does not, hence you can trust us when it comes to consultancy.

With over 7 years of experience(which is made up of success and failure), we’ve deal with different breeds of rabbits and have them delivered to buyers in different states in Nigeria. We are your go-to when it comes to buying rabbit online in Nigeria.

And as a one-stop destination for rabbit farming related services in Nigeria, we have mechanism in place to deliver up to your satisfaction. Contact us for more information.

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Do you have questions on the cost of rabbit farming in Nigeria? Or you want to consult our expertise on how to start rabbit farming business in Nigeria? Or you want to buy rabbit meat?

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Here you will find resources on rabbit farming in Nigeria for beginners, marketing of rabbit in Nigeria and how to leverage the internet to marketing your rabbit.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Do you have questions on what to consider before starting rabbit farming in Nigeria, or any other questions? Let us help you answer it.

Yes, rabbit farming in Nigeria is profitable. However, you need to invest into marketing and educating people using the internet or word of mouth; tell them the benefits of rabbit and what they can get from starting their own farm.

How much you invest into rabbit farming in Nigeria depend on factors like rabbit breed, your location and at what scale you want to start with. However, with #20,000+ you can start rabbit farming at your backyard, assuming you can handle the cage construction yourself.

If you are looking to get rabbit for consumption or rearing purpose, you can get one from us at

You can sell your rabbits to rabbit farmers, use the internet to sell.

The price for a rabbit winner now start from #4000.