How to Invest in Agriculture in Nigeria

How to Invest in Agriculture in Nigeria – In my previous post where I have looked into lucrative agribusiness ideas that virtually anyone can do. And that made me come up with the idea of How people can invest in Agriculture passively or actively. 

We have different ways on how you can invest money. You can decide to go into real estate, buy shares in banks, in short, we have many investment opportunities in Nigeria for people of different classes. Africa population as of 2016 we have over 1.216 billion of people staying in the continent, what does that mean? The increase in population calls for more investment in our Agricultural sector.

Investment in this sector is the only thing that can ensure the survival of the Africa race and its neighboring continent. By you searching for this on whatever medium that redirected you here then you must have made up your mind on investing in agriculture.

One of the essential human needs is food. According to popular belief, every person on the surface of the earth needs to eat. With our increase in population increase in demand for agricultural produce is certain but can we cope with that? Are we ready for that? Is our practice here sustainable? If we continue this way can we feed our booming population?  Those are questions we need to provide answers to.

For you to be here You will definitely find answers to all your questions on Investment on agriculture in Nigeria, online farming in Nigeria, and market feasibility on agriculture in Nigeria.

Before I invest in Agriculture what do I need to know?

Just like every other profession you need some basic knowledge before you put your thousands or millions into it.

  • It is not a get rich quick scheme: If you want to invest in agriculture, it is not a get rich quick. Information marketers that are after your money will promise you millions on Naira in two months. To be honest with you agriculture doesn’t work that way especially if your capital is small and the demand for your agricultural productivity is low.  I am not saying making millions at once is not an achievable feat but you need huge capital, proper information on farm maintenance, and patience to see your investment transform into something worthy of emulation.
  • We have more than one way to invest: We have many ways to make a profit out of agriculture. Investing in agriculture will allow you to diversify your money into many things. If you want to see your investment in agriculture in Nigeria grow faster, you should:
  1. Grow crops that are in high demand
  2. Invest in organic farming
  3. Build infrastructures that will improve your daily output
  4. Think of adding value to your agricultural produce
  5. Make more research on vertical integration in agriculture then implement them on your farm
  • It is Long Term Investment:  If have crops such as pecan trees, cocoa can take three to four years before that can be ready for harvest. However, there will always be a market for them, so investing in agriculture will add slow but steady growth to your savings.
  • You need proper Knowledge:  E-books you downloaded from the internet are not enough, you need to learn from those in the field before you.

It is a different thing for them to tell you they are farmers, are they doing it well? – Olatinwo Dayo

How to Invest in Agriculture in Nigeria

The first paragraph of this post made mention of investing in agriculture passively and actively. Here is where I will be shedding more light on how the two works.

Investing in Agriculture Passively

You must have heard of Online farming in Nigeria? Investing in agriculture passively is all about making your money work for you, all you need to do is buy the unit on-site like Farmcrowdy, Thriveagric, and others.

This type of investment method is for those with no knowledge of agriculture but wants to make money off it, civil servants with limited time, and others.

Investing in agriculture can also be seen as a partnership business. Mr. A knows about Farming in Nigeria but has no money but instead of giving up, he approaches Mr. B at the other street with a well-prepared Business plan to seek financial assistance.

Mr. B gave him the money on the ground that he will own 60% of whatever profit that comes from the farm. This way Mr. B is making money passively without getting his hands dirty.

Investing in Agriculture Actively

This type needs one to have proper knowledge of what agriculture is, you will be the one overseeing the day-to-day running of the farm. It is one of the common modes of investment in agriculture.

Nobody will take care of your business like you

If I am going to invest in agriculture actively, what are the agricultural sectors that are worthy of investing in?

Another that you can use in investing in agriculture is by buying agricultural produce of farmers and turning it consumable goods for consumers(Value Addition).

Be sincere with yourself on Basic Economic Problem

Make a research on your business ideas market feasibility using the basic economic problems and make sure you are sincere with yourself.  You might think they are not needed but trust me they overlooking it won’t do you any good.

If you have anything to ask on How to Invest in Agriculture in Nigeria, please kindly make use of the comment box.

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