List of Price of Rabbit in Nigeria

Rabbit Farming in Nigeria

What are the Price of Rabbit in Nigeria? Many want to venture into rabbit farming but don’t know where to buy rabbit from, which led many to be searching for where to buy rabbit in Lagos, Rabbit seller in Ibadan and so on.  We also have those who needs it for consumption, people in this category won’t stop searching for rabbit meat seller in Nigeria and other keywords that are close to it.

Whatever you want to do with them, I will be providing you with list of Possible price you can get them in Nigeria and you can also get them from our farm.

Note: we deliver to anywhere in Nigeria.

List of Price of Rabbit in Nigeria

Before then there are things you need to know on why people consume rabbit and why they rear them.

Reasons why People Keep Rabbits

There are several reasons why people consume them which you might not know but trust me by the time you are done with reading this section , you will find it difficult not to crave for one.

  • Consumption:  When you ask those into Rabbit Farming in Nigeria especially those doing subsistence, the first thing they will tell you is that it is for consumption. It is a very good source of protein with so many healthy when compare to meat. Rabbit meat can be processed for consumption in several ways; It can be fried, cooked, oven dried. It is one of the good source of white meat with high level of digestible protein. One of the notable reasons why people consume rabbits are the following:
  1. It contains high calcium and phosphorous
  2. Contain no cholesterol
  3. Low sodium content
  4. It has low-fat content
  5. Serves as alternatives for those on diet because of its low calories

Rabbit meat is always place side by side with chicken meat but to be honest with you. I will always go for Rabbit meat in Nigeria any day.


  • Fur/ Skin Production : Angora and Rex breed of rabbit is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk of production of skin/fur using rabbit around the world. The fur is used on commercial scale in the production of hats, coats, and toys. It is pass through many processes before it can become what people can be attracted to it. Some of the processes include curing, glossing, and skinning.

Rabbits that are meant for production of fur are usually left to reach maturity before being slaughtered. This is done to make sure the skin is suitable and and has already developed for production of high standard skin.


  • As Pets:  Rabbits are mostly use as pet in Europe but here in this part of the world they are meant for consumption. They are social active domestic animals that love to be cuddled and carried. Dedication of time by the owner always make them to create this bond that will take along time before they can be broken.


  • Experimental Research: Just like we have white rats, rabbits are kept for research purpose especially by schools of Agriculture in Nigeria, science schools and research institute. They are used for variety of research for different purposes. They are known to have similar physiology to humans and are easy to handle and care for if compare to others.


  • Use in Production of Manure: The rabbit manure is one of the greatest organic fertilizers that anyone can ever lay hands on. We have a large and green market for fresh droppings of rabbits when they turn dry manure. Rearing them will give you endless and increasing supply of droppings that you can sell to companies that process and package them into final products. You can as well start Organic manure production factory.

The droppings of rabbits are rich in nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen. They can be applied                          directly to plants. If you are the type that keep a small garden at the back of your house, you will never                              needs to worry on buying expensive fertilizers.

Breeds of Rabbit in Nigeria

We have many breeds of rabbits but i will try to limit myself to those that can easily be source for here in Nigeria:

  • American Chinchilla
  • Angora
  • Rex
  • Havana
  • Polish
  • English Spot
  • Giant Blanc
  • Silver Martens
  • New Zealand White
  • Checked Giants

Prices of Rabbit in Nigeria 2019

Note: Price of rabbits in Nigeria varies from one location to another, you can find it one price today and find it at another price the next day. The prices that will listed here are collated base on what our Competitors are selling and those on our farms.

  1. Weaners Rabbit  #2,000 – #3,000
  2. Grower Rabbit  #4,000 – #5,000
  3. Matured Rabbit #6,000 – #7,000

Where to Buy Rabbit in Nigeria

Rabbit in Cage
Bunnies from AgHub Farms

Are you looking for where to buy Rabbit in Nigeria? where to buy rabbit in Lagos? and where to buy rabbit in Ibadan? Worry no more as AgHub Farms got your back on every delivery of rabbit you might ask for here in Nigeria.

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