Snail Farming In Nigeria

How to Start Making Millions with Snail Farming In Nigeria

When we talk of lucrative business people can venture into in Nigeria Snail Farming in Nigeria will always be in the top 10. It is a practical and viable business that many are yet to know the potentials in this part of the world.

Many are already into it but most people are not doing it right. This post will show you the potentials of snail farming and how you can go about becoming a well-recognized snail farmer.

Before then what is snail farming all about?

Snail Farming in Short

Snail farming is simply the act of rearing snail. From the maintenance of the farm to feeding then to the point of harvest. If you see the pros in the field, information marketers, or lecturers trying to give you another meaning different from this, trust me all they are trying to do is to impress you.

But Why Snail Farming


The market for snail farming in Africa is huge but underrated just like every other type of farming. Snails can contribute in a huge way to our diets in this part of the world, but the only problem is you can hardly find them available at affordable for the common man all year round. If you can invest your money or partner with someone with the knowledge of snail farming in Nigeria restaurants, Hotels, Individuals and schools are the ones that will be your customers.

In a typical Nigeria market place, you will a piece of the snail being sold at #300- #650 base on the size. However, the demand for snail meat is around 7.5 million kg annually.

The majority of snails found in our markets are the once handpicked from the farm and is the practice that is putting snails as meat on the family table. But as things are going, the demand is increasing. Companies that are into production of creams are demanding for it, Hotels are demanding for it because that is what the big men demand whenever they visit, Individuals wants to eat more since they couldn’t get any from the bush path at the back of the yard.

Why don’t you go into snail farming and tap into this pool wealth? Are you already into it and you don’t know how to make more money or you are finding it hard to get market for your snails? I will be providing you with information on you can leverage the power of the internet and local market below.

How to Start Making Millions with Snail Farming In Nigeria

Hmmm, to be honest with you the only way for you to make millions when we talk of snail farming in Nigeria is for you to work for it, be consistent, learning a new strategy, expanding your farm, and get more sells which is what I will be teaching you next.

Getting more sales for your Snail Meats online

Like I use to say a business needs to start leveraging on the power internet to get more sales and increase their brand visibility. You will be surprised when you see what people are searching for online and definitely we have people searching for benefits of snail meats, where they can get snail meats in Nigeria and where to get snail meat in Lagos but unfortunately, you can rarely find a business owner that fall into this category on the search list. because they think they don’t need it. They think the Local market is enough for them.

The local markets is still green but you should consider having online presence as an Agribusiness owner

With the right online marketing strategy, you can get targeted traffic and loyal customers that will be referring you to friends and family until God knows when.

#1. Create content 

Selling products in many sectors now happens through creating content that solves the daily problems of people. You will get more sales if you create content that makes people curious about how your snail meat can give them what they want.

As a rabbit farmers making research on the benefits of rabbit meat and creating mind-blowing content around them will give your brand and business visibility to those who are dare need of it. This way many of them will contact you to ask more about what your profit can do and order for it if can give them reasons why they need to buy from you.

Let’s take for example Mr. Ridwan is a Snail meat seller looking for ways to get more sales using the internet. All he needs to do is make a research on the benefits of snail which are:

  • Assist in the development of the brain
  • Prevention of heart disease
  • Lowering of cholesterol level in the body
  • Low in fat which makes it good for those who are interested in losing weight.

What Mr. Ridwan needs to do is write content that is focused on the benefits listed above, this way those who are facing problems that are associated with the benefits will want to know more and maybe buy the snail meats from your brand and refer friends as well.

#2. Be Social

You don’t have to be a guru when it comes to selling, but please be social.

Most of the salespeople you will see out there are not all good with selling. Trust me they are good at building relationships and audiences via social media.

If you can build a brand where your audience can easily interact with you and easily get words out of them, you can easily sell anything by presence or pitching.

#3. Helping People

Everything is not about money, try to render free services to them at times. Provide them with content that will solve their problems than watch them stay loyal to your brand.

#4. Leverage on Digital Marketing

You can make use of your Social media pages and groups to create content but do you know that there is more to Digital Marketing? 

Implementing Digital Marketing into your business of snail meat selling will give you access to more audiences and those who are genuinely interested in what you are selling.

Making use of right hashtags on Instagram, ranking the right keywords on search engines, leveraging on Google Ad words, having the right email list combine with good content marketing will surely give you more sales online.


Getting more sales for Snail Meat in the Local Market

The difference between getting sales from the local market and the local market has no much difference, the difference between the two is from the use of Technology.

Getting more sales from the local market needs you to convince people, restaurant owners, and  Hotels. You can make contracts with Hotels on supplying of certain amounts of snails meat in a week.

It all boils down to doing something different, packaging your snail’s meat differently, and staying consistent with your product.


Making millions from snail farming is not rocket science neither is it as simple as ABC, but trust me it is what you can achieve when you have proper knowledge of what snail farming and right Marketing skills.

Staying motivated and consistent is an advantage, don’t be pressurized by the pictures on social media. Leverage them to do better.

#AgricPays but only for those with patience.

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