Rabbit Farming Cage Design

Everything on Rabbit Farming Cage Design

Are you in search of a good rabbit farming cage design? We have taken the time to put this article together to help you out with that. Starting a rabbit farm can be quite difficult. The good news however is that that’s the most difficult part.

In this article, we will be covering the details that can help you pick or setup a cage. In every business, success is highly dependent on getting the initial steps right.

Getting a cage set up in the place can turn out to be an easy or complicated process, depending on information at tour disposal. In the next section, we will be getting some insight into the meaning of a rabbit farming cage design.


What Is A Rabbit Cage Design?


At the mention of a rabbit cage, what you probably imagine is a larger version of a birdcage or even a smaller version of a dog cage.

Even if you have to use a cage not meant for rabbits, it’s not that big a deal when working on a low budget.

However, your rabbits are more like to have healthy and happy growth in a cage specially built for them.

When picking a  rabbit cage, there are two types to consider;


These types of rabbit cages usually don’t have a roof and any form of weather resistance cover. They are also smaller than hutches, which makes it easier to clean and carry around. It’s never advisable to use indoor cages outside as this can expose your rabbits to physical or environmental hazards. The last thing you would want to do is put the life of tour rabbits at risk.


As for hutches, however, they are built to be used outdoor. These types of cages have a roof and are equipped with weather-resistant fittings. They are usually stronger than indoor cages which makes them perfect for withstanding strong weather conditions.


Cages are usually meant for indoor use while hutches are meant for outdoor use. Cages should be equally strong enough like hutches.

One important thing to note is, whether your cages are indoor or outdoor, it is important to keep it away from other pests or pets.


Reasons Why You Should Use a Rabbit Cage

While quality hutches are good, cages are better picks. In this section, we will be highlighting the reasons why you should use an indoor cage.


  • When it comes to choosing a cage over a hutch, size and portability is a big factor to be considered. Especially when working with a small budget and small space. The nature of cages makes them easy to use, clean, and even carry around. This, in itself, will present you and your bunnies less operational stress.


  • Bunnies are naturally cute and shy animals. Cages give them a sense of personal space and security over hutches. Cages help them feel more at home and confident. As part of their growth process, giving rabbits their privacy can help a great deal.


  • Predators like cats or dogs may pose a threat to your bunnies. Even kids sometimes can’t be allowed to be with your bunnies without supervision. Pets like dogs and cats can be rather hostile with bunnies in some cases. A good cage can act as a precautionary measure against any of these threats that may lead to a loss.


  • Cages also make it easier to groom and maintain your rabbits. With a cage, you can feed your rabbits, give them water, give the play toys, and even clean their litter. The job is much easier when you can perform all these tasks from one spot.


  • The most obvious reason for keeping your rabbits in a cage is that it protects them. Free-roaming rabbits are only safe until they get hurt. Considering their fragile state, the probability of them getting hurt in a cage is lesser. Which makes it only sensible that they are kept in cages.


  • It’s also important to note that cages can prevent your domestic rabbits from breeding with wild rabbits. This may in turn result in causing huge problems. Some of these problems may include:
  1. Overpopulation
  2. Transmission of diseases
  • Parasites


How Much Space Should I Give My Rabbits In a Cage?

As much as rabbits don’t like being caged up all day, we understand that not everybody has the luxury of buying cages and providing playing areas.

So what can be done? How can you strike a balance? By providing the right amount of space within the rabbit cage.

Now, to do this effectively, there are factors to consider. Below are the two major factors to consider;


Size Of Your Rabbit

The simple fact is that rabbits grow pretty fast. Buying a cage for the size of your cute baby bunnies can turn out to be a big issue. Why? Because they will quickly outgrow it and require a much bigger cage. The solution is to buy or set up a cage that fits a fully grown rabbit when you being your farming journey.


Activity Level

Research has shown that some rabbit breeds are more energetic than others. So yes, their level of activeness has a lot to do with their breed.


Essential Design  Rules To consider in Rabbit Farming Cage Design


Generally, a mid-sized rabbit needs approximately, 12 square feet of living space. This will give them enough room to jump and play around. As we know to keep our rabbits healthy and happy, they need a little bit of playtime.

An average-sized rabbit will need a cage, at least, 3 feet high to prevent it from jumping out. Bear it in mind that several rabbits can share this space but be careful to not overcrowd the cage.

As for the width of the cage, it should be enough for the rabbit or rabbits to turn or move around. Small rabbits may require no more than 2 feet in width, but bigger or giant breeds many need 3-4 feet in width.


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