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5 Facts They Won’t Tell You About Rabbit Farming in Nigeria

Rabbit Farming in Nigeria – Whenever people come up with Profitable agribusiness to venture into in this part of the world, it is rare not to find rabbit farming. They come up with all sorts of statistics to back up their claim, some of which are true while others are not.

The fact that Rabbit farming is profitable can’t be overlooked, the fact that it is one of the best agribusinesses for someone with small space is cool and the fact that we are yet to know the potentials. Read this to know how profitable rabbit farming is.

But do you also know that the information marketers that sold that e-book for you have failed to tell you the core fact of the market for rabbit farming in Nigeria? I don’t expect him/her to have told you the fact, many of them don’t have proper knowledge of rabbit farming in Nigeria.

Without wasting much of our time on the intro that might be of little help, let’s look into Rabbits’ markets and marketing of rabbits.

What Information Marketers Won’t Tell You About Rabbit Farming in Nigeria

The following are the facts that Information marketers have failed to tell you.

  • Rabbit Farming is not a Ponzi Scheme, it is not a get rich fast scheme
  • You need money to operate a Rabbit pen.
  • You need experience or Hire someone with the experience.
  • Other skills are needed.
Rabbit Farming is not a Ponzi Scheme

One of the reasons why many decide to venture into Rabbit farming is that fact the bloggers or information marketers that listed Rabbit farming as one of the most profitable business to do in Nigeria provide them with data that made them think they will be making millions within 5 months.

This is a feat that can be achieved but it is not as easy as information marketers that are only after money used to paint it. You can’t make millions from rabbit farming when you don’t have millions of Naira as Capital and making millions of Naira from rabbit farming is not easy when you have no market for rabbits coming out of your farm.

Let be frank with ourselves, Agriculture as a whole is a sector that we are yet to unfold its full potential in this part of the world and it is a sector that needs only those who are into long term investment. If you belong to the set of people looking for ways to start making millions from rabbit farming when you have no proper marketing strategy and market. Please invest in something else.

Money is Needed to Start or Operate a Rabbit Pen

The reason why I decided to add this is that I saw a post on Facebook that Rabbit Farming was listed among businesses that can be done without money.

Let me be frank with you, finance is one of those things that you need after carrying out your market research. Will the rabbits come from heaven, even if a friend will give you rabbits to start with, what of construction of pen, let say you can construct that yourself what of the feeding and buying of drugs? Can you get all for free? I guess the answer is no.

You need money to start and maintain a rabbit farm, even though the capital might not be much. Money is still Money.

If you have no personal finance to start your rabbit farm, you can partner with someone willing to, then share profit base on what you have all agreed on. Read this to know what it will cost you to start a rabbit farm business.

You need a ready Market

Only a few of the information Marketers or bloggers will tell you that you need a ready market if you want to make a substantial amount of money as a rabbit farmer. Rabbit Farming in Nigeria is yet to gain grounds like that of its counter-part(Poultry Farming, Pig Farming, and others). Many don’t even know that rabbit meats are consumable, many in this part of the world still belong to the school of thought that it can only be used for pets.

Right from the day, you decide to become a rabbit farmer the first thing you should do is get a ready market. Will you be selling to Restaurants, will you be adding value to it or exporting? Provide answers to that. Then you have a high chance than those in the same business as you.

  • Visit Restaurants in your areas make them know the importance of rabbit meat and ask if they can give you chance to their customer base.
  • Network with others in the field, this is sure one of the best ways that can give your concurrent buyers.
  • Make use of word of mouth to mouth.
  • Post on social media platforms but don’t just tell them to buy. List the benefits of rabbit meat, make use of relevant statistics to back up your claim. The results won’t come out of anywhere but please be consistent with it.
Marketing Skills is Needed

It is not enough to start a rabbit farming, you need other skills like marketing and Copy Writing skills to compliment it. They are the ones that give you leverages over your competitor to get more buyers using online and offline platforms. When you have knowledge of marketing and copywriting you will be able to convince potential buyers by telling them not only to buy your products like lots of farmers do, you will know how to tell them the benefits, make them know problems they are facing that it can solve.

But information marketers won’t tell you this because the majority of them are only after your money. Note that I am not trying to damage anybody’s means of living but we should also not forget that it is not always about money.

You need Experience or Right Knowledge

They won’t tell you the right knowledge and experience are needed. But you surely need them this way you would have become familiar with all problems that you might face on your farm.  You can gain knowledge of rabbit farming by paying someone or volunteering to work on a rabbit farm for free.

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Here is where I am ending on what you should know about rabbit farming in Nigeria. If you have anything to ask or any complaint kindly make use of the comment box or the contact us section.

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