Top 6 Challenges of Agribusiness In Nigeria

They told us to stop wailing on problems and focus on finding solutions instead, it is good but we need to know that we can only find solutions to the challenges of Agribusiness in Nigeria when we know how they happen and what causes them. Agribusiness is now booming in Nigeria, youths and adults are now going into it compare to the time past.

But to be honest, we need to do more because we have a large population to feed, revenues to generate and we also have our economy to boost with the earnings from agricultural products export. Some portions of people here are now seeing, reading about the potentials of agricultural, starting small at the backyard, crowdfunding funds for agricultural related projects, creating apps that solve the daily problems faced by our farmers.

Top 6 Challenges of Agribusiness In Nigeria

Challenges are what make Nations strong but it will become a nuisance when we fail to do anything about them, accepting defeat, doing nothing to our situations that can do bad to the economy of the country. Without wasting time trying to motivate.


Transportation has always being a problem in Agriculture It is the same thing they told us in primary school. Nothing has changed, we are still moving in circle and farmers products rotting in the rural area. Till the day we can find easy ways for our farmers to move harvests to the city with no hassle, feeding our population without Importing will remains a dream.

The government needs to work on creating more roads, refurbished old ones, stakeholders also have their own contributions to make by creating transportation companies that focus on moving farmers and their goods to the city where they can sell them.

Food Processing Issues

Another problem that needs the attention of the Government and stakeholders is the problem of food wastage due to lack of organized food processing systems. Having a good food processing system will reduce food wastage(Tomato, cassava, orange, mango, pawpaw)  and also decrease the Importation of goods like Tomato Paste.

Education and modernization

Lack of proper education on the modern method of farming by the aged farmers that make up more than 50% of Nigeria farmers is another issue that needs attention. Most of the methods used by most of them are not that efficient that needs low productivity and low income.

Lack of proper knowledge on the use of mechanized farming tools and illiteracy of some farmers is the reason why it is hard to implement modern methods of farming. And they don’t have good marketing skills caused by the poor levels of education.


A majority of our population still undermines agriculture and its potential. This sector has been left for the aged with limited access to resources and can’t keep pace with the technological trends in agriculture. The stigma attached to agriculture and what most of our Nolly wood painted of it has made it hard for many to becoming a farmer or going into agribusiness.

Lack of Funds

Practicing agriculture on commercial-scale needs money, which many don’t have access to. Lack of funds contributes to why Farms that are into Livestock, Fishery, and others are closing up a year in year out, and make many to give up on dreams on becoming a mogul in agricultural business.

Talking of the problems without solutions is like wasting energy on nothing, what are the solutions to the challenges facing agribusiness in Nigeria?

Possible solutions to the problems of agribusiness in Nigeria

Now we know the problems of agribusiness in Nigeria, but what of the solutions, what of ideas on how we can get out the mess we are in?  Achievable solutions will surely enhance agribusiness in Nigeria and give it a new look.

  • Organizing seminars for aged farmers and youth on modern agricultural practices will go along way, educating them on the proper use of mechanized farming tools will also give the farming sector a new look.
  • More Agricultural Institute should be created and old ones refurbished.
  • Soft Loans with small interest should be given to farmers.
  • Local companies that deals with the manufacture of pesticide and fertilizer should be created or funded by the government.

Ways to a Successful Agribusiness in Nigeria


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