What Can I Feed My Nigerian Rabbits

What Can I Feed My Nigerian Rabbits?

We have looked into How much does it cost to start a rabbit farm in Nigeria. Now it is What can I feed my Nigerian rabbits. You will also be learning how to know if you are feeding your rabbit right and how to save feeding costs. What you give to your rabbit either as subsistence or commercial farmer have along way to go in how profitable it becomes. Rabbits are easy to the rear but feeding them what is right determines if you can keep on maintaining the farm and have a lot to say on whether you will wake up the next day and find out that your rabbits are still alive. I have a share of my own cake due to my negligence. Now back to What can I feed my Nigerian rabbits?

Factors to Consider When It Comes To Feeding Rabbit

Whenever you think of what to feed your rabbits, you must put some factors into consideration:

  • You financial capacity
  • Purpose of rearing
  • Alternatives
  • Size of the farm
  • Type of diet you want to maintain.
Financial Capacity

This is one of the criteria that must be put into consideration whenever you think of what to feed rabbits. Can you afford to formulate your own rabbit feed? Do you have the financial capacity to hire a professional to do that for you? Or prefer to buy a good feed from factories that produce them? Or can you afford to be feeding your rabbits with pellets all through? The final decision is left you.

Purpose of Rearing

This might mean nothing to many but need to be answered. Are you rearing for private consumption or commercial purpose? If you will be selling your commercial purpose and your target is to sell them off within 3-4 months you need to feed them what will make them gain weight during that period. If you are rearing for commercial purposes you can’t be feeding them grasses all through.

Do you have alternatives/Supplements?

Do you have alternatives to pellets? can you feed them fruits or leaves from the farm close to yours?

Factors listed here might not make sense to you at first but trust me they mean a lot. What you feed your rabbit is what they become. You can’t be feeding them hays all through without no pellets and expect them to have weight compare to those that feed their balance diet instead of feeding just to maintain them. You might be thinking that it is costly to feed rabbits right but it is not. What you need is the right feeding plan that you can follow consistently.

And that is what you will be learning here and I believe by the time you are done reading this you would have gained another knowledge compare to what you know initially.

What Can I Feed My Nigerian Rabbits?

Rabbits are animals with a very fragile digestive system, with a low tolerance for bad feeding, a single mistake in their feeding can lead to the death of all rabbits in a pen. I have my own part of the pains to share. Let’s take, for example, feeding rabbits cucumber or lettuce that is damaged can upset their stomach and this can cause bloat, if proper care is not taking this can leads to death of the affected animals.

I can remember the first time my elder brother left the pen in my charge. I was happy and excited as if millions of Naira was left in my care.

To keep the story short over 10 rabbits died before my brother return from travel. Do you know what caused that? I fed them than they need and i also fed  them damaged foods that made their fragile stomach become bloat.

The inexperience me that has no proper knowledge of rabbit farming then was happy that I have fed them, thinking their stomach getting big is a sign of them been fed well.  one after another I caused the death of 10 rabbits.

From there, I learned that you shouldn’t feed rabbits anything you see. Make sure it is healthy for them and you should always put their fragile stomach into consideration.

What Should I Feed My Bun/Adult Rabbits?

What you feed a rabbit bun is totally different from that of adult rabbit, Why? Because a bun rabbits stomach is more sensitive compare to that of adult rabbits. Do them good by knowing the following:

  • You should give them pellets because on its own it is a complete ration. But in cases when you can’t afford to be feeding them pellets then you should substitute with Succulent forage and grasses.


  • Feed them forage and grasses examples of which are; Aspillia Africana(Goat weed), Centrosema pubescence center, Stylosanthes gracilis (styles), Emilia spp, and Panicum maximum (Guinea grass).


  • Leaves and Vegetables but make sure they are not too wet.


  • And you can also decide to feed them the following in small amounts:
  1. Watermelon  fruit
  2. Banana peel
  3. Sunflower and Seeds
  4. Banana and Orange without peels
  5. Wheat
  6. Barley
  7. Sweet Potatoes
  8. Rose flower
  • You can also feed them foods that contain sugar in large amounts e.g. carrots and apple.

Aside from the foods listed above, you should also make sure to give them water consistent. It is one of the largest factors that decide what the weight of the rabbit will be like.  Feeding of rabbits is not all that is expected of you there are other things that you should not do during the period you are feeding them and condition that such food should be in.

  • You can’t change their foods suddenly, that is you must have been mixing the new food you want to introduce to them with the one you want to change from. Let’s take for example you are giving them rice and you want to change to pellets, you should first of all be giving them rice mixed with pellets before you change it totally.
  • Do not overfeed them, this is one of the mistakes that many makes when it comes to feeding rabbit in Nigeria. Always thinking overfeeding will make them grow faster, it does not work that way, just don’t make them get starved.
  • The green grass should not be a wet one feeding them wet grass will make their stomach get upset.

Should I Feed Them Make my Feed or Buy?

I was stalked at this same spot years back but to be honest with you I chose buying pellets instead. I can’t be a jack of all trade but I don’t know maybe years to come when my pen is big enough, I might decide to implement Vertical Integration on my farm.

The decision to buy or make your feeds or buy is left to you. Only know your financial capacity and how ready you are to go out there to learn what you need to make a proper feed formulation for rabbits.

Do you have anything to ask or complaints to make on What Can I Feed My Nigerian Rabbits? Kindly make use of the comment box. Thank you.

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