Where To Sell Rabbit In Nigeria?

Where To Sell Rabbit In Nigeria

Where To Sell Rabbit In Nigeria – That information marketer told you to invest your money into rabbit farming, from the blog post you read, rabbit farming was listed as a promising one. Yes, it is promising for those who know their onions.

Do you know what they fail to tell you?

Where to sell your rabbit in Nigeria!

I can relate with the stress you pass through because it is what I have faced at one point and I can imagine the financial resources you have invested to keep the pen running. But what is the essence of having a rabbit pen of 100 rabbits without a market to sell it to?

Where To Sell Rabbit In Nigeria

Although, rabbit farming is yet to gain momentum like its counterpart; snail farming, pig farming, and poultry, that does not mean there is no market or no buyers.

  • How are they going to be reached?
  • What social media platform are they using?
  • Will they buy it when I advertise to them?

Where to sell your rabbit in Nigeria in this article is classified as an offline and online method. The local market is still green but you can still get customers online when you are not only doing but also doing it right. Now let’s explain offline and online methods of selling rabbits. Check out How Agribusiness owners can leverage on Facebook.

Can I Sell My Rabbits In The Physical World?

Yes! Offline method is the common approach to the selling of rabbits in Nigeria before the use of the internet and smartphones becomes the order of the day.  We have different methods through which rabbits can sell to people online. One of the methods through which a rabbit farmer can sell his/her rabbit is organizing seminars; when a seminar is organized and the attendant sees that the farmer knows what he does. They can decide to buy rabbits to start their own farm, this approach is not a reliable one but can work in some cases. It can work effectively for a farmer that many look up to or see as an influencer.

Another method of selling rabbits in Nigeria is through display advertisement, then in the year 2015. All we did was to get a cage, placed it at the roadside then put our rabbits in the cage with pellets that can last for the day. 

We used this method and I can say that it worked perfectly as we were to get buyers, and the majority of them were students that at the end of the day refer their friends. Word of mouth can be given a trial, this method needs you to have deep knowledge of rabbit farming. They will want to know more before they buy it. So you must be ready to open their eyes to the benefits and potentials of rabbit farming in Nigeria.

Selling Rabbit Online

The market for agricultural produce is not limited to the physical world alone. In my previous, I discussed at length the importance of digital marketing for agribusiness owners, the gold that is being left unmined, and what effective use of the internet for the marketing of their product will contribute to their business.  With proper use of various digital marketing strategies, you can get to the people that are interested in buying your rabbit and may also seek your consultancy.

Talking of selling your rabbit online, the following are the methods you can use.

  • Use of social media platform
  • Site/ e-commerce store/ blog site
Use of Social Media for selling of rabbit

With the boom in the use of social media in Nigeria, social media is a place where you can get people who are interested in rabbit farming and those who want to use it for meat. Making use of social media goes beyond the posting of pictures on groups with the caption ” Chinchilla rabbit available”.  It does not work for all, I have tried this approach before and it is not effective enough. When you are making use of social media for marketing, make sure to publish content that enlightens your audience on the benefits of the rabbit and the potentials for someone who might be interested in going commercial.

Use of Blog Site/ E-commerce

With a blog site, you can educate people on why they need to start rabbit farming. It does not end at that, with a blog, you can explain the health benefits of rabbit meat. This way you can recommend your services and product to them.

Below is a text message sent to me by someone living in Lagos while I stay in Ibadan. All I did was create a platform where I published good content on why rabbit farming is profitable.

Through this approach, I have received calls from people who bought rabbits from me and also interested in other services.

Do have any difficulty getting sales from your site/e-commerce store/blog?

Contact :

  • +2349037196137 (WhatsApp/Call)
  • +2349066572708 ( Call)
  • AgHubContact@gmail.com

Here we have discussed different methods that can be used by rabbit farmers to sell their rabbits in Nigeria. We have online and online methods, the offline method involves the organizing of seminars, word of mouth, and display advertisement. I also made mention of the use of social media and leveraging on e-commerce or blog sites as a method for selling of rabbit.

Do you have any questions to ask about where to sell rabbits in Nigeria? or contributions to make? Kindly make use of the comment box.

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  1. Topeopeyemi4@gmail.com'

    Hello sir, pls I will like to move my rabbit farm forward, I have like 40 to 50pics of rabbit to sell, I need a buyer sir I will b grand if I see a buyer thank you, sir.

  2. manueltolu1089@gmail.com'

    I would love to go into the rabbit business but my only issue is who I would sell to, I want to ask for where to get ready buyers from in Lagos

  3. paulighenumah@gmail.com'

    We are having challenges selling over 100 rabbits in our farm. Kindly advise how we spin these animals into cash. Thank you.

  4. adelajaolumoko@gmail.com'
    Mr Olumoko Dammy

    Good morning AGHUB team. I have a rabbit farm of over a hundred but currently, I need who to buy, where to sell to. The urine, feces, fur, and rabbits themselves. Your help will be highly appreciated. You can reach me on my Farm Business WhatsApp line on Or Divinegracefarm on Facebook. Thanks

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